• The link below will serve as your application to the CNS Learning Community only. You must also complete CSU’s housing application (found here) to be officially placed into Laurel Village.
  • All newly-admitted, first-year students without previous college experience who are single, under 21 years of age, and not living with their parents in the Fort Collins area are required to live in the residence halls for their first two consecutive terms of their attendance.
  • All students accepted to the College of Natural Sciences Learning Community will be required to live with other community members in Laurel Village.
  • If you are accepted to the College of Natural Sciences Learning Community, your Housing assignment will automatically be updated to Laurel Village. This will cancel any waitlist request or preference for a different residence hall.
  • We are only accepting incoming first year students for Fall 2019.
  • Contact us at if you have questions.

2019-04-02 — Applications are available online again. Apologies for the unplanned server maintenance. Please contact with any questions regarding the process.


Please allow two weeks for us to review your application. If you have questions about your application status, please feel free to email us!

No. We review each application carefully, and value the completeness, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness you put into your applications. Upon making our decision about your application, we will notify you via the email you provided on the application. If you are accepted, your name will automatically be sent to University Housing for placement in our community.

Don’t worry! Please contact us at and explain what happened. We will work with you to fix it!

You are welcome to apply to multiple Learning Communities at CSU. However, keep in mind if you apply (and are accepted) into multiple Learning Communities that have a residential component (require you to live in a specific hall), you will have to chose which community you want to participate in. You will be contacted by email and given a deadline to choose which community you prefer to participate in.

Only first declared CNS majors can live in the CNS Learning Community. Contact us for more questions or if you want to talk about your particular situation. If you are not a CNS major when we review your application, you will be declined.

For the General CNS Learning Community and the Undergraduate Women in Natural Sciences floor, the only required event is the CNSLC Opening Event that takes place in the evening on move-in day, and RA floor meetings during the year.  It is strongly recommended that students attend events & opportunities provided by the CNSLC throughout the year.

The Science Outreach Scholars floor and Key Natural Sciences communities have specific courses and programs required. Please email us or visit our Community & Clusters page for more information on requirements.

The CNS Learning Community moves in a day before other students at CSU. Students, please plan on attending our CNSLC Opening Event the evening of Move-in Day. We encourage family members and guests to explore Fort Collins during this evening event. The 2019 Move in day is Wednesday, August 21st.

There is no minimum GPA required to apply or live in the College of Natural Sciences Learning Community. However, CSU requires that all students maintain a GPA of 2.0 to remain in good academic standing. If a student doesn’t feel like they will be able to maintain their GPA throughout the year, there are many resources available through the CNSLC to help, just send us an email!

At this time, we are only accepting new incoming first year students into the CNS Learning Community for Fall 2019. However, we encourage you to apply for Year 2 at CSU floor in Alpine Hall. Please contact us if you have questions.

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