This page contains info regarding online teaching and testing and how to make sure you and your computer are ready!

Canvas requirements for computers.

  • Always keep your internet browser up to date. (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Javascript must be enabled on your browser to run Canvas.
  • Some browser extensions may be incompatible with Canvas, try disabling if you run into any problems.

Taking Exams and Quizzes online with ProctorU and Respondus.

For those in Computer Science Classes

  • As a student at the university, you are free to work on any computer that you want.  However, you should not purchase a Chromebook or tablet, as you won’t be able to install the development tools on those machines. Instead, look at traditional laptops.
  • The department runs on RedHat Linux, and anything you write will have to be able to run on those machines. As such, students who buy Windows-based machines will often need to install Linux on them or similar tools.
  • MacBooks allow students and faculty to utilize similar systems as Linux without the need of installing many third-party tools.

Need A Computer?

Computers with student discounts may be purchased from RamTech!

Library Device Checkout – Devices are first-come, first-serve so put in a reservation ASAP if you are unsure about your access to a computer.

If you do not have a computer or need to purchase a new one to gain access to canvas, other tools, and need financial assistance, please contact us at and we will try to connect you to other resources.