We are excited to be hosting virtual orientation sessions for prospective students this summer! We wish we could meet with everyone, and encourage anyone who is interested or already admitted to check out our instagram highlights for a virtual tour and to reach out with any questions.

Before (or soon after) Orientation (All Students)


  • Chem Prep is used to prepare you for Chemistry 111 – you can find out if you need to take Chemistry 111 by taking this survey.
  • You can find more info and FAQs about Chem Prep here.
  • If you do need to take Chemistry 111, we recommend trying to complete Chem Prep before Orientation!


  • Different majors have different Math requirements. You can answer a few short questions to figure out if you need to take the Math Placement Tool here, and you can view this PDF to see what math requirements are needed for your major (and the ideal Math Placement result). 
  • You can learn more about the Math placement process and read FAQs here.
  • If you need to take the Math Placement tool, we would recommend taking it before Orientation so you can sign up for Math!


  • You can check out our compatibility page to see if your computer will be compatible with a few of the applications/software CSU uses.