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The College of Natural Sciences Learning Community is a residential option for students with majors in the College of Natural Sciences. Most of our 400 members are in their first year at CSU, although we welcome upper-class students as well. All members of the community live in Laurel Village.


PAL stands for Peer Academic Leader. We are College of Natural Sciences Learning Community residents with a love and passion for the sciences and want to share that with you through fun events. We are here to strengthen the community on the floors and in the CNSLC, with a focus on the academic side.  We are here for academic support, whether that be setting up study groups for residents or offering moral support and helpful tips. Most of us have taken the base level courses for each of our majors so there is bound to be someone that can help you. We are also here if you want to just talk or hang out. So come find us!

Hannah Mendoza

Hannah Mendoza

Student Coordinator of the CNSLC / Sustainability PAL

Hannah is a fourth-year student majoring in zoology. She loves science, books, and every kind of animal! You can talk to her about anything you are passionate about, especially biology or your favorite study techniques.

Kylie Contreras

Kylie Contreras

Science Outreach Scholars PAL

Kylie is a third-year student majoring in biology. She loves Star Wars, walking, and reading. She also enjoys discussing weird topics, purposely getting lost on drives, and trying to say “hi” to as many animals as possible.

Lena Bruno

Lena Bruno

General / Programming PAL

Lena is a second-year physics major. She loves baking, space, sugary foods, her ferret, and anything to do with crafts. Something unique about her is that she gets very excited about seeing dogs in public.


Marcela Riddick

Science Outreach Scholars PAL

Marcela is a third-year Zoology student from Los Angeles, CA. She is minoring in Conservation Biology as well as Business Administration on a pre-veterinary track! She just got back from Semester at Sea and is super excited to be back working with the CNSLC. Talk to her about her newly adopted puppy and be ready to see some pictures!


Sarah Hultin


Sarah is a third-year math and computer science major. She likes problem solving, watching horror movies, seeing live music, and attending comic conventions. She also loves meeting new people and talking about anything and everything, so stop by to say hi!


Erik Makic

Sustainability PAL

Erik is a second-year student majoring in biology and minoring in sustainable energy. He loves the outdoors and traveling and is obsessed with skiing. He also loves trees and biking, so feel free to talk to him about anything science or nature.


Cameron Walsh

General/Programming PAL

Cameron is a second-year Biology major. He’s an animal lover and always open to any music recommendations, boxing, playing guitar, and practicing mindfulness and meditation whenever he can! Also, he’s a total sucker for TV shows and will rave about them with anyone. Feel free to poke him anytime you need!


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